A Content Solution for Your Travel Business

Do I really need a blog when I already have a website?

This is the question I get asked the most as a content strategy and creation specialist who works with service-based online travel businesses.

My answer is always the same, regardless of the size, type or niche of your business: YES!

The common notion that people have is that it is too difficult to set up a blog and that maintaining one takes a lot of time – sure it takes some time, effort and even 💸

But it is so worth it!

Therefore, I have created this quick and simple post specifically for travel business owners and entrepreneurs who have doubts about blogging or content marketing.

Content Marketing for Travel Businesses

Travel businesses don’t always do enough to leverage the things that make their destination, property, or service unique.

You need to truly stand out from the many competitors that are also in this industry.

Therefore, content marketing for the travel industry requires a lot more than picturesque Instagram-worthy photos and cursory tales of a personal trip.

To properly utilize your content in a effective way, you need to make use of powerful storytelling techniques that result in emotional reactions.

Use your content to build experiences around the intrinsic reasons that your customers/clients travel. Focus your content experiences around the inspiration for their travel.

Travel Business, A Content Solution for Your Travel Business

The Reasons Your Travel Business Needs a Blog

✨ SEO-rich content improves your ranking on search engines such as Google

✨ High-quality content that provides real value converts readers into loyal clients/customers

✨ Great content can be shared across social media networks to increase exposure and traffic

✨ Blog Content can easily be repurposed and used in email newsletters or social media posts

✨ By publishing valuable content you establish yourself or your brand as an authority in your niche

✨ Publishing content consistently will generate organic traffic to your website which results in more leads

How Content Strategy Will Improve Your Content marketing

The reason most businesses don’t see any results from their blog posts and website copy is that they don’t have an effective content strategy.

Creating content without a plan is a waste of time.

That is why I developed a content strategy formula that I use for my own business and all my clients.

This formula is simple to learn, easy to apply to any business and suitable for all niches.

Get access to my exclusive FREE Content Strategy Formula course today!

Travel Business, A Content Solution for Your Travel Business

How do you use content marketing in your travel business?


Travel Business, A Content Solution for Your Travel Business

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  1. Such useful information for strategy planning with content. With perseverance blogging can be quite achievable once you get set up and find a rythym. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great useful information. I have a travel blog and I try to do all the above but its good to be reminded. it’s such hard work but you have to be passionate about it or it won’t work.

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