I am an experienced and published writer with a background writing for various niches. I am a Content Strategy and Creation Specialist. We work with service-based online businesses and e-commerce stores to create blog posts and website copy that drives more traffic organically. My content is aimed at providing valuable information to readers, expanding the customer base for businesses and generating more sales. The goal is to lessen my clients’ expenditure on Google ads, Facebook ads, and influencer marketing and instead provide QUALITY content that truly adds more VALUE to the lives of their readers.

Travel & Wellness Writer

I am the regular Travel, Culinary, and Wellness contributor for Rare Luxury Living and Rare Living monthly digital & print magazines. My work is also regularly published in international publications such as DRIFT Travel Magazine & Beau Monde Traveler Magazine.

I am also an expert travel writer & editor for Arrivedo.com, an award-winning website that is growing rapidly throughout the world! Arrivedo is the first online platform for hotel recommendations that gives a voice to hoteliers. Arrivedo enables hotels to organize their own Neighborhood Guide so that they can compete with Airbnb and Expedia to drive more traveler satisfaction and to attract travelers searching for a hotel with local experiences.

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Consumer Health Digest

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Travel Magazine Content

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Travel, Wellness & Culinary Magazine Content: