Positive Thinking, How to Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking

What you think shapes your life. Therefore, there is great power in positive thinking.

That’s because what you think shapes your behavior, which indirectly controls the way your life unfolds.

If you think you’re unlucky for example, then not only will you not take any chances, but you might also actually miss opportunities that appear. You’ll focus on things that go wrong, and this will make you feel worse about yourself.

If you think you’re bad at your job, you won’t speak up in meetings, you’ll keep your head down, and you might even avoid opportunities to improve your position!

Positive Thinking, How to Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking

The Law of Attraction

Many of us want our lives to change, but we don’t know how to do anything about it. We assume that something external needs to change and that we will then change as a result – to feel happier and more confident.

What we might not realize is that more often, this interaction works the other way around. That is to say, that by acting the way we want to feel, we end up feeling that way… and then our life ends up changing too! This is what we call the “law of attraction.”

How Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Life

Want to be more successful? Start acting like you’re already successful. Thus people start treating you as more successful and you are presented with more opportunities. You become ‘luckier’.

Want to be richer? Act richer. Want to do better at work? Believe you can. Want to be smarter? Act smarter.

This is closely related to what is known as ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’. These are situations where you actually change your behavior in line with your beliefs. A great example is what’s known as a ‘scotoma’ or a ‘blind spot’.

Ever lost your phone and searched for it for hours only to have a friend come up and find it in seconds? That’s a scotoma in action – you have convinced yourself that the item is lost and this belief literally prevents you from finding that item.

The same can happen in our careers or love lives. If you tell yourself you’re a failure then your unconscious mind will actually sabotage your success in those areas. To be as successful as you can be in any capacity, you need to eliminate doubt.

To break the cycle, start by acting as if you believe in yourself. That means dressing better, taking risks, and being more assertive. You’ll find you attract more positive attention and that this can lead to better results – even improving the way you think about yourself.

Positive Thinking, How to Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking

Affirmations for Positive Thinking

In the case of thoughts like ‘I’m always unlucky’, you now know that you’re only unlucky because you think you’re unlucky. Likewise, the thought that ‘good things never happen to me’ is self-perpetuating. Ask yourself genuinely what your skills and assets are. Be objective and ask others if necessary. Chances are you will find that you’re just as capable as everyone else so the only thing that could be bringing you down is your own negativity. Accept this and replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Likewise, you can also use positive affirmations in order to improve your luck. These are statements you repeat to yourself like ‘I’m a successful and positive person’. Over time, if you repeat these enough they can become ingrained and part of your psyche. If you struggle to remember to use them, consider putting post-it notes up around your home and office.

This might seem like it wouldn’t accomplish much, but by constantly exposing yourself to these positive messages, you will be repeating the same thoughts over and over and actually strengthening the neural pathways in the brain that are responsible for creating them. As these become strengthened, they will become more likely to be activated in the future.

In short, those positive thoughts can actually become a habit. For me, positive affirmations have become personal mantras that I repeat regularly to improve every facet of my life. In my Mind Reset course, I share my top 5 mantras that help boost my self-esteem.

Want to know what positive affirmation I have stuck to my computer screen with a post-it right now?

My Success is Inevitable!

Positive Thinking, How to Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking

Thought Restructuring

There are other more powerful methods you can use to transform thoughts too. One is to use “thought challenging.” This means looking at the content of your thoughts and assessing whether it’s accurate.

Can you really just be an unlucky person?

And if you are so bad at your job, how are you in the position you’re in now?

My course, Mind Reset has a whole module and video dedicated to helping you understand and implement “thought challenging” quickly and easily.

Another trick is something called hypothesis testing. Here, you actually put those negative beliefs to the test in order to prove to yourself they’re inaccurate. For example, take on a big project at work and show to yourself that you can do it!

Using these techniques, you can learn to change your beliefs and that’s when you will start becoming luckier, happier and more successful.

Tapping into the power of positive thinking is all about mindset work. This is something that I have implemented into my daily routine and focus on consistently. There is no shortcut to positive thinking but the more your train your mind to be positive the easier it becomes. The results a positive mindset has on all aspects of your life is incredible and definitely worth the initial efforts.

Positive Thinking, How to Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking

A Real Life Example

I used to be a pessimist, always thinking about the worstcase scenarios. I told myself I did it so that I would always be prepared for anything that happened. In all honesty, it was just an excuse for my poor mindset. Inevitably what happened, is that the situation would turn out negatively. Not always the worst case scenario but never as positively as I secretly hoped it would. I was stuck in this endless loop of negative thoughts and it was reflected in my life that felt stagnant.

As I said before, change comes from necessity. It only happens when you reach the point that you are so tired of your own self-sabotaging bullshit that you have no other choice but to change. I reached this point in 2014 and made my first positive change in January 2015. I started a daily yoga and meditation practice which quickly helped me understand the potential power of my mind and body. This was just the first of many small but accumulating changes that continues to this day!

Since then, I have gone on to completely rewire my brain, become a relentless optimist, start a successful business empowering others, travel the world more often than I have in my entire life, but best of all, helped others improve their mindset as well.

I now fully understand the saying that to change the world, you need to change yourself first. And, I’m here top tell you it’s easier than you think.

Take the first step, enroll in my Mind Reset course now!


Positive Thinking, How to Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking

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  1. This is so important and useful thing that we need to implement in our daily life to improve the overall quality of our living along with health. I can feel a huge change in my life by doing regular affirmations, expressing gratitude and working on Law of Attraction. Thanks for reminding and sharing this.

    1. Thank you for sharing Heena! It is remarkable what changes occur when you begin to look at your life from a grateful perspective.

  2. Dear Daniella,
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  3. Great post. Thanks for the examples. So many times I hear positive thinking and affirmations help but no one shows you how it all comes together. I really appreciate you did that — now I know how to envision.

  4. Love this post! Positive thinking is everything. I recently read the book, “The game of life and how to play it”. It enforces all of these same points! Law of attraction is everything. Think it and you shall receive!

  5. Excellent post, Daniella! I also used to be a pessimist having been exposed to pessimistic minds growing up. It took a great deal of energy to unlearn negative thought patterns that blocked my path. It all started when I discovered journaling and jotted down new things I was grateful for each day. This simple habit transformed my mindset profoundly! Mindset is indeed everything.

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