Meditation, Meditation Series for Busy Beginners

“We live in a hectic world and deciding to meditate can be a beneficial and life-changing choice”

Personal Experience

I used to suffer from anxiety and overthinking but was determined not to use medication to treat my symptoms. After being told by many people to try yoga and meditation, I finally did and it changed my life! These practices may seem too spiritual for you, but that is exactly what we need. Both yoga and meditation allow you to connect your mind, body, and soul through your breath. My overthinking and constant worrying slowly lessened and as this happened, anxiety no longer had such a hold on my life. It was during this early stage in my practice that the truth came to me; my anxiety stemmed from the fact that my thoughts controlled me when I should have authority over my own thoughts.

That is what makes meditation so powerful, it gives you the tools (breath) to take charge of your own thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality, so wouldn’t you want them to be positive and within your control?

Too Busy to Meditate?

Now I know what you’re thinking, you are way too busy dealing with life to spend time sitting around and meditating. However, when you don’t have the time to meditate is exactly when you should. Cultivating a daily practice of even just 12 minutes will help you feel calmer and more focused which will ultimately increase your productivity. Therefore, by meditating you are in a sense gifting yourself with more time and more fulfilling life. When we are too busy we become stressed, unhappy, impatient and frustrated, which in turn affects our health. Meditation can help you to understand your own mind, allowing you to transform your thoughts from negative to positive creating a healthier way of dealing with the stressors of life and improving overall well-being.

Meditation Series for Busy Beginners

Meditation is Easy

Some people may find the idea of meditation quite intimidating, but be assured the process is a simple one. Simplicity is a key principle in meditation and the more you practice the easier and more natural it will seem. Do not feel that you need to control your mind, the idea of meditation is not to have no thoughts, but rather to teach yourself not to react to these thoughts. We are humans and thoughts are natural, meditation will help you become an objective observant of your thoughts. By not giving these thoughts any emotional energy or reactions, you can let them go and will stop that tendency to overthink everything.

Meditate in 12 Minutes

For those who do not think they have the time and are always too busy, I recommend Zen12. This amazing program delivers daily audio meditation sessions that are only 12 minutes short. These audio sessions are specifically designed to be short but give you the same benefits of a full hour of normal meditation. Their unique sounds alter the state of your brainwaves and will transform your meditation practice.

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Techniques for Beginners

There are many different meditation techniques, ranging from simple, short and easy to longer, advanced and more complex. My meditation series blog will focus on five techniques specifically aimed at helping beginners get started on their spiritual journey. Each post in the series will cover a specific meditation technique in step by step format. Stay tuned for these and sign up for a meditation guide book to help you along your path, providing tips and tricks for each technique. Both my blog series and guide book will work in combination to get you meditating in no time and you will reap the benefits.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have tried meditation before?

Meditation Series for Busy Beginners

Happy Meditating!!


Meditation, Meditation Series for Busy Beginners

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    1. Morning Adrian, this is a great place to start learning about the benefits. Meditation has significantly decreased my anxiety over the past few years, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am available for Mindfulness coaching as well if you need some extra assistance with starting meditation.

  1. Thanks for this! I love meditation. The development of better and better apps has helped me so much with my practice. I’m not a yogi, but find the same mind breath connection with pilates!

    1. My pleasure Amy! I know, it is wonderful how technology has helped people live more mindful lives! I have the same experience with pilates, connecting your breath with your body is useful for any activity.

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