Himalayan, Meditative and Therapeutic Properties of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Being one of the hottest wellness trends in the market, Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps, apart from their decorative beauty, have a lot of health benefits to offer. These charming objects can liven up your room when kept on your bedside or mantelpiece while purifying the air and creating a relaxing, healthy aura.

How Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps Works

Salt therapy or ‘Halotherapy’ originates from ancient times. Followers of Zen culture claim that harmful positive ions are formed by electronic devices, polluting the air with their positively charged ‘electronic smog’. In this day and age of electronic appliances and gadgets, these positive ions are present around us in massive amounts, being injurious to our health and causing sleeplessness, agitation, and allergies. This is where Himalayan Salt Lamps come in. Claimed to produce negative ions into the atmosphere, the lamps can be potentially beneficial as they help to counteract all the dangerous positive ions. Appropriately dubbed ‘vitamins of the air’, negative ions [s] can improve health and wellness by a
significant degree.

The typical Himalayan Salt Lamp could be purely a block of Himalayan Salt, originating from ancient oceans that once used to be in the region. It could also be a basket filled with large salt crystals. A light bulb is fitted in the center. The hygroscopic quality of salt causes it to attract water, dampening the salt. When the bulb is switched on, gentle heat causes the water to evaporate. This causes the formation of negative ions, which bind to positively charged harmful particles in the air like mold, allergens, and bacteria. Electronic smog is also neutralized, thanks to the negative ions created which balance abnormal frequencies and artificial electromagnetic wavelengths that are a threat to your health.

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Health Benefits

Extracted and purified from the salt deposits of the Himalayan mountain range, Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps are generally said to have a relaxing and meditating effect. In addition to creating this general therapeutic aura of peacefulness and calm, there are some specific benefits as well.

Respiratory Trouble

For those who frequently suffer from colds, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, congestion or have trouble breathing, Himalayan Salt Lamps can provide some relief in order to ease breathing.

Get Rid of Allergies

Some people are more prone to getting irritated by allergens and dust, which can manifest in different ways from nasal blockage to eye irritation to more serious symptoms. These symptoms are said to be improved on keeping a Himalayan Salt Lamp switched on nearby, which can reduce levels of IgE, the allergy markers of the body.

Improve Skin Conditions

By physically and chemically modifying the atmosphere around you, these lamps can also be beneficial if you are suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Himalayan bath salt is also effective for skin conditions.

Anxiety Issues

Himalayan Salt Lamps are beneficial for mental health as well. For sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks, the lamps can provide a feeling of therapeutic calm and relaxation. The negative ions released are believed to enter the bloodstream and cause elevations in levels of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, boosting mood and increasing energy levels.


These lamps can be the answer for those troubled sleepers who are in quest of a good regular full night’s sleep. According to studies, bright light can disturb sleep. The dull orange-pink hue of these lamps could help a person wind down after a hard day to promote peaceful slumber. Blue light, a major component of regular artificial light, is said to cause disrupted sleep by reducing the production of melatonin. These lamps do not emit blue light.

Headaches and Migraines

For people who suffer from severe headaches and migraines, these salt lamps can be said to alleviate their symptoms.

Said to work through the emission of negative ions, these lamps can add cheer to a place- literally, serving as mood boosters for sufferers of depression. With their elegant beauty and the potential benefits, these lamps have to offer, placing a genuine Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in your room is indeed a wise use of space.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to begin practicing medicine and I’ve looked into salt lamps
    But I was sure if they were worth it. After reading this salt lamps definitely seem like a worthwhile investment! I will look into it when I’m back in the states!


    1. They are definitely worth it Chloe – you can follow the link in the article as I do have some available.

  2. I was surprised when I discovered how effective these can be. I was given one as a gift last year (and even wrote about it), and after using one for several months, can attest to their health benefits. They are also great meditation tools. Great piece!

    Matt Lovett
    Digital Sages

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