Are you ready to pitch with confidence, land travel sponsorships with ease, turn your passion for travel & writing into a successful career & live your most fulfilling life?

Then it’s time for you to discover the secrets to breaking into the travel writing industry…

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You have a severe case of the travel bug and you're looking for a way to satisfy your wanderlust without spending all your $$$, because travel ain't cheap...

You love to write and take photos on your trips but for the life of you can't figure out how to get travel brands to sponsor or pay you for your awesome content...

You know there is a way to turn this dream into reality because your Instagram feed is full of content creators who are:

🌍 traveling the world
✈ flying first class
🏩 staying in luxury resorts
💆 pampered with spa treatments
🍴dining on gourmet meals

but it all feels just out of reach for you because...

Now, imagine...

It's 2022... the world has opened up fully for wanderers again.

And you, my friend are:

💸 making $$$ from your travel content

📰 getting your travel content published in magazines

👥 being approached for exciting opportunities by your travel network

📱 mastering the art of social media

💻 sending pitches and negotiating like a pro to get that "yes" in your inbox

🧳 working with a variety of travel brands

✈️ getting invited on press trips and visiting unique destinations

🏨 being asked to stay in the world's most incredible hotels & resorts

👑 getting treated like royalty with comped extras like spa treatments, fine dining, activities & more

🗺️ sponsored & paid to see the world while taking photos for social media & writing about your experience

All this and so much more is possible for you... all you need to do is pitch!

Allow me to introduce...

Pitch to Travel is an intensive 6-week course & group coaching program designed to give aspiring travel writers like you all the tools and resources you need to break into the travel writing industry…

Yep, I’ll show you the EXACT methods I use to PITCH & LAND Travel Sponsorships!

What people have to say...

“I just wanted to quickly jot down how much I appreciate the content you’ve shared and the successes I’ve had from participating in this course. I’ve been going back to it repeatedly to remind myself of all the tips you’ve been giving. One of which is using social media correctly – I’ve joined many LinkedIn and Facebook Groups which have been building up my connections and I gained a guest post opportunity via Facebook and I was approached by Great Little Trains of Wales to see if I’d be interested in experiencing a couple of their train journeys and staying in their hotels in exchange for itinerary articles – all of which is paid. I also took your advice on pitching to brands, and I’ve landed two luxury hotels sponsorships!”

– Jade Braham, Travel Blogger

Daniella’s confident approach inspires me to break free from any limiting beliefs holding me back, as well as to use my strengths and interests to compliment my journey. The bonus materials she provided gives me confidence to approach brands, editors, and PR agents, as well as help me be more efficient in terms or organization. The pitch trackers specifically help reduce unnecessary stress and save so much time. As a result, I’m able to focus on what’s important — travel for fulfillment and provide value in return. I’m eternally thankful for Daniella’s knowledge, patience, encouragement, and wisdom in helping other aspiring travel writers succeed. If your heart is made to travel, then Pitch to Travel is your jam! This course will teach you how to use your stories to make more memories all over the world. Because let’s face it, it’s a big world out there and it would be a shame not to experience it.”

– Celesté Polley, Freelance Writer

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

Module 1

In module 1, you’ll overcome your fear of pitching by developing a travel writer’s mindset and discovering how to redirect rejection in your favor every single time.

Module 2

In module 2, you’ll prepare to pitch by defining your niche, developing an endless amount of fresh story ideas and learn how to find the right contacts to pitch.

Module 3

In module 3, you’ll discover how to build an irresistible portfolio using your travel blog or other portfolio-building platforms and learn how to use social media to your advantage.

Module 4

In module 4, you’ll learn how to land travel sponsorships even if you have a small audience or following by leveraging the numbers of larger platforms which means you’ll be pitching editors at publications for commissions.


Module 5

In module 5, you’ll discover the exact steps you need to take for pitching, negotiating and landing sponsorships with travel brands such as hotels, resorts, airlines, tourism boards, restaurants, tours/activities, spas and DMO’s.

Module 6

In module 6, you’ll find out how to attract opportunities such as getting invited on Press Trips by building a network, getting added to PR lists, attending travel conferences, and using the best travel writing tools and resources.

Plus the 7 epic bonuses...

Bonus #1

A 3-page Media Kit template & guide that can be downloaded and edited for free on Canva to help you earn $$$


Value: $100

Bonus #2

2 pitch tracking spreadsheets that you can save and use to keep track of pitches to editors & brands


Value: $50

Bonus #3

3 eBooks:

10 Ideas to Monetize Your Travel Blog

85 Publications That Pay Travel Writers

Travel Writer’s Glossary

Value: $75

Bonus #4

4 pitch letter templates for pitching editors, pitching hotels, pitching tourism board & negotiations


Value: $200

Bonus #5

A media visit contract template that can be used to protect yourself during sponsorship or Press Trip agreements


Value: $100

Bonus #6

Access to a private P2T VIP Facebook Group for group coaching sessions and exclusive travel writing opportunities


Value: $175

Bonus #7

3 Contact Lists:

My Master List of Travel Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

My Master List of Tourism Board Contacts & Press Trip Application Form Links

My Master List of Travel & Hospitality PR Agencies

Value: $300

Meet your guide...

Hi, I’m Daniella Schoeman, and I’m obsessed with pitching!

I firmly believe that anyone has the potential to become a successful travel writer who gets paid and sponsored for the work and the only thing holding you back is your pitching skills.

Case in point: I was landing travel sponsorships worth thousands of $$ less than a year after becoming a travel writer with a new blog, barely any audience and a brand new Instagram account.

My travel content has been published in numerous publications such as Culture Trip, DRIFT Travel Magazine, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Beau Monde Traveler, and more.
To date, I have landed over $100 000 worth of travel sponsorships in the form of hotel/resort accommodation, flights, cruises, spa treatments, restaurant meals, tours, attraction passes, and Tourism Board partnerships.
Now, I’m on a mission to teach aspiring travel bloggers how to get published, earn an income from their travel content and land travel sponsorships!

More praise for Pitch to Travel...

“The course is designed to help with each step in becoming a travel journalist, starting with social media accounts, who to follow and where to post, all the way to developing pitches and contacting agencies for press trips. The mindset and preparation modules were key to allowing me to develop my portfolio and profiles, and successfully pitch brands, hotels and contacts. Thus, each step of the course felt like I was gaining something I needed as a travel writer. Having Daniella’s guidance on contacting hotels and companies allowed me to draft my own pitches which have actually led to a press trip to a luxury hotel in Ireland, post-Corona. Without Daniella’s tips, I would not have had the confidence to approach these companies, nor known what to say, and I am grateful for the specific examples she provided surrounding pitch email drafts.”

– Meghna Amin, Travel Journalist

In taking Pitch to Travel, I have learned so much more than I originally thought I would! Daniella and Pitch to Travel have given me the confidence and skills to go from wannabe travel blogger to professional travel writer. Pitch to Travel has transformed how I write, post, and pitch and I couldn’t be more thankful that I found this course. Daniella is a true inspiration; she is so knowledgeable and it is worth every penny to take her Pitch to Travel course. The tips, tricks, and resources that are included in the course are priceless! I know that I will continue to use the skills I’ve learned from the course to be successful for years to come.”



– Krista Muscarella, Travel Blogger

Most flexible

$ 219 2 payments
  • 6 training modules with 12+ video lessons ($497 value)
  • 12 video lesson transcripts ($197 value)
  • 8 actionable assignments + 4 workbooks ($197 value)
  • 6 exclusive bonues ($700)

Best Value

$ 397
  • 6 training modules with 12+ video lessons ($497 value)
  • 12 video lesson transcripts ($197 value)
  • 8 actionable assignments + 4 workbooks ($197 value)
  • 6 exclusive bonuses ($700 value)
Save $41


Absolutely! We cover the basics of setting up your travel blog and building a portfolio.

But I also show you how to pitch and land travel sponsorships with or without a blog.

Definitely! Pitch to Travel is focused on helping you land travel sponsorships but we also touch on how you can monetize your travel blog and get paid for your travel content.

Nothing in life is certain so I can’t guarantee this but I can assure you that I provide you with ALL the tools you need to land travel sponsorships including pitch letter templates so if you do the work and follow through with the assignments you are extremely likely to land your first travel sponsorship!

No, Pitch to Travel is a 6 week program that releases a new module each week. This ensures that you have the time to go through each lesson and do the assignment which will set you up for the following week.

You will get access to the introductory section, the private Facebook Group and Module 1 immediately.

Pitch to Travel opens for enrollment every 3 months and is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

However, I can’t promise that this special launch price will be available for the next round.

So if you want to snag the best price, now’s the time to join!

I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with this program, contact me and my team at: to request a refund.

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