Top Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

The use of Himalayan salt lamps has been increasing recently due to their many amazing benefits. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they have many healing properties as well. These salt lamps are highly therapeutic additions to any room. Especially useful for chronic conditions as their effects are cumulative. They work just like a regular lamp except that the light bulb heats up the salt which is then released into the air around you. I absolutely love my Himalayan salt lamp and its warm, comforting glow has made such a big difference to my home and health. This article will discuss the basics of these amazing salt lamps and will help you choose your first one.

The History of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan salt is the cleanest and most beneficial salt that can be found on the planet. It was formed over 250 million years ago at a time when the energy of the sun had basically dried up the original primal sea. This crystal salt is completely pristine, pure and natural. The Himalayan pink crystal salt is untreated and therefore free of any toxins or pollutants. It also contains all the natural elements found in our bodies, which indicates why it is so beneficial to us.

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How a Himalayan Salt Lamp Works

We are constantly surrounded by both positive and negative ions which are found in the air around us. Positive ions are generally created by electronic devices such as cellphones, computers, tablets etc. These types of ions are created unnaturally and are considered to be ‘electronic air pollution’. This can cause many health problems such as allergies, stress and insomnia. Himalayan salt lamps have the ability to emit negative ions. This occurs when the salt crystals are exposed to a source of heat via the light bulb. These negative ions are needed to neutralize the positive ions constantly generated by a world full of electronics. By neutralizing the positive ions, the air is cleansed and health problems can be avoided.

The Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Improves Mood and Concentration
  • Naturally Regulates Water in Your Body
  • Purifies the Air
  • Eliminates Allergies
  • Promotes Sinus Health
  • Helps Regulate Sleep
  • Reduces Headaches, Migraines and Colds
  • Decreases Stress and Anxiety Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Regulates Blood Pressure

Top Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Tips on Buying and Using Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • When buying a Himalayan salt lamp make sure that it is Himalayan pink salt.
  • Choose from a variety of different shapes and types.
  • Make sure the size of the lamp is suitable for the size of the room.
  • If you struggle with insomnia, place it in your bedroom.
  • Put it in a room that you use a lot or that has the most electronics.
  • Ensure that it is sourced from Pakistan, which is the only source.
  • There are many fake lamps being sold that have no value whatsoever.
  • Buy from a credible source such as So Well – they have a large Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Lamp Collection.
Have you used a Himalayan Salt Lamp before and how has it helped you?

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  1. I love my Himalayan salt lamp. My dad had gotten it for me as a birthday present because he had read that it helps people struggling with anxiety, as I do. It really does help me to relax and feel better!

  2. Love Himalayan Salt Lamps! Even our kitties do; except have to keep an eye on them or they become too excited. It is good for everyone, pet included.

  3. Great article! I have several Himalayan salt candle holders and love them! I’m not sure if they have the same benefits as the larger lamps, but I love them all the same. I didn’t know there were so many health benefits to the lamps. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ann! Apologies for the delay in my reply. The candle holders do make a difference but you need to use more of them. But I believe to get the full benefit the lamps are best.

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  5. Hi, it’s good to read your post. The way you explained about the features of this natural product is great, and the tips you shared are absolutely helpful. i will surely bought this one for me.

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