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Recently, many new and seasoned travel bloggers in my free community for Wildly Successful Travel Writers have asked me if this is a good time to get back into travel writing again. The answer is a resounding YES!

Now, I’m not just saying this because I teach aspiring travel writers how to grow their platforms, get their travel content published, get paid for what they create, and land travel sponsorships… I have actual proof that this is the perfect time for travel writers to get back into the travel writing game.

Let’s look at the reasons why!

Travel Writing

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The World is Opening Up Again & Waiting for You!

After speaking with many travel agents, editors, and PR agents, I have been told over and over that the demand for their services is on the rise again (hallelujah), after a very long, drawn-out lockdown as a result of COVID-19. That means the demand for travel writing is on the rise too! Woohoo!

Travelers are ready to step out into the big wide world again and that means they’re dying for stories and news about the world of travel. They want to go to their favorite destinations or find new exciting places around the world to explore. Therefore, travel writers and travel bloggers are the people they are looking to for great tips, the latest hot spots, and to learn everything they can about places that should be on their bucket list of destinations. As a travel writer, you have the opportunity and knowledge to share intriguing and unique destinations with your readers to help them rediscover their love of travel.

The Pandemic Changed Our Way of Thinking

People have come to realize life is way too short to spend it thinking negatively or being unhappy. They have a newfound urgency to get out there and embrace travel with a clearer understanding of what a privilege it is to explore our beautiful world. This is not the time to put all their desires on hold. They want to experience history, different cultures, art and walk hand-in-hand with nature. As a travel writer, you have the opportunity and ability to explore so many places and write about them. In turn, your travel writing provides inspiration for others to plan their escapes and enjoy the world.

Travel Writing

Publications are Begging for Your Travel Writing Articles

I’ve been a travel writer for many years and have never seen so many requests from editors looking for fresh, exciting stories. Publications are reaching out to travel writers for a wide range of destinations and topics. They are fully aware that their readers are absolutely desperate to know what’s happening around the world of travel and that people will read new articles as fast as we can write them. They are looking for your expert insight because you have been there. The rise in demand for travel stories is breathtaking! Your travel writing matters now more than ever.

Publications Cut Back on Staff Travel Writers During the Pandemic

Because of the pandemic, many writers lost their jobs. Although this was a devastating blow for many, it has created more opportunities for freelance travel writers like you and me. Even though some publications are starting to hire back full-time staff writers, many are relying on freelance writers for content. This could be incredible news for you! In the past, it was tough to get a commission from a reputable publication that mainly used in-house writers if you pitched them as a freelancer. Now, many of these publications no longer have in-house writers and are in need of travel writing from freelance writers like you and me.

Safety has Become a Big Part of Stories

As we were traveling through Zanzibar a few months back, we discovered international travel has taken on a whole new meaning. Which offers a unique angle for your travel writing too. Pitching article topics centered around safety has become very popular. This is because many destinations and travel brands (airlines, hotels, restaurants, attractions, tours) are eager to share their safety tips and let travelers know they are looking out for tourists by carefully considering health and safety factors. These destinations are sending a message that this is a great place to visit and want to give people the confidence to come back many times over.

Travel Writing

So Many Stories to Tell

The world did not just come to a screeching halt overnight! Even during the pandemic, destinations have been adding many new attractions as well as exciting renovations. The cruise industry has jumped on board planning new destinations, better itineraries, and creating many new promotional offers to draw seasoned as well as newer travelers to the open seas.

Theme parks have always played an important role in the travel industry and will continue to do so post-pandemic. Therefore, theme parks like Disney and Universal have been extremely busy with expansions and upgrades during this unexpected downtime. This is the time to turn your travel writing towards these inspirational stories of how destinations, attractions, and travel experiences have improved since 2019.

As a consequence of the pandemic, the demand for wellness travel has increased exponentially. So, tons of eco-resorts, wellness resorts, spas, and retreats have popped up to meet this overwhelming need. If this is your travel writing niche, embrace it! There is so much news and unique story angles out there for travel writers to take advantage of.

Tourism Boards are Looking for Travel Writers

Tourism boards, visitor bureaus, and CVBs are there to promote their destinations and it’s their job to launch the return of tourism to their country, region, or city. They realize that travel writers will play an important role in bringing people back. These organizations truly understand the value of travel writing.

As a writer, you might want to take note, that in exchange for published articles, these tourism boards and PR agents are reaching out to writers. They are offering invitations to visit their destinations and the bureaus will cover almost all the travel costs including airfare! I can’t imagine any travel writer wanting to turn that down!

Travel Writing

Get Excited Travel Writers

This is an incredible time for travel writers so if you’re a travel blogger it’s time to get excited! I know I am. This is the ideal time for you to resume travel writing. You can make be a wildly successful travel writer if you make use of these opportunities. Make use of all the resources available to you, connect with others in the travel industry, and learn from experienced travel writers who are willing to share their knowledge.

Have I convinced you to focus on your travel writing efforts again?

Travel Writing

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  1. Great post. My husband and I are excited to plan a trip (or two) next summer, and I am always composing blog posts in my head as we travel. Thanks for the tips on travel writing.

  2. Oh wow I didn’t know that tourism boards were looking for writers! I’ll definitely have to start sending some emails and see what’s out there.

  3. Daniella!!! Such a great piece! Always an inspriation πŸ™‚ I never stopped writing during the pandemic as we did alot of local exploring to keep it up. But now, you’re right, there’s no better time to jump back in!

  4. This is a really great post! I never even thought about the fact that travel writers would be in demand right now. A great opportunity for some.

  5. During the lockdown, I retreated from writing and did more podcasts. Now, l am slowly getting back to writing as l enjoy it very much. The reasons you mention are solid.

  6. After such a long break, it feels almost awkward to get back to it. Thanks for the encouragement and I am excited for little ways that things are going back to normal!

  7. I ~started~ my travel blog in the middle of the pandemic, probably not my best idea! Hopefully it will start to pick up traction now:) The tidbit about the tourism boards gets me excited! Thanks for the encouragement

  8. I haven’t stopped writing at all during the pandemic, no matter how hard it was to continue going, without too many readers. That paid off big time now, when people are actually started to travel and research, as my articles had have plenty of time to get indexed and ranked by Google.

  9. I have to say that I completely agree with you. In fact, I actually began taking travel writing seriously during the pandemic even though I had started my blog back in 2018. It’s definitely the time to make it happen!

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