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44 Detailed Hotel Reviews & Neighborhood Travel Guides Written for Properties Worldwide

The Organizing Confessions

Weekly Ghostwritten Blog Content on Topics such as Organizing, Time Management & Personal Development


Weekly Ghostwritten Blog Content on Topics such as Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Next Step Solutions

Ghostwriting a variety of research-based blog posts on mental health, addiction & behavioral health topics.

Confidant Health

Ghostwriting a series of content on mental health, addiction & recovery to be used as answers in Google Answer Boxes.

Simple Fasting App

Ghostwriting a series of articles on healthy lifestyle choices, habits, mental health, psychology, meditation, mindfulness and more for an intermittent fasting app.

DRIFT Travel Magazine

An Insider's Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Luxury travel articles in a journalistic style reviewing hotels, lodges, resorts, restaurants, cruises and more in Africa & Europe.

DRIFT Travel Magazine

Mindful Luxury in Mauritius at SALT of Palmar

Beau Monde Traveler

Luxury Travel journalistic type articles reviewing a variety of hotels, resorts, lodges and more in Africa & Europe.

Consumer Health Digest

What is Chakra Psychology and their Role in Wellness

Beau Monde Traveler

Top 5 Unique Wine Tasting Experiences in South Africa’s Cape Winelands

Rare Luxury Living

Therapeutic Thermal Suite Spas of the Emerald Isle

Prime Luxury Rentals

Copywriting all website content for the events landing pages for a luxury private yacht rental company in Miami.

Rare Luxury Living

A Review of Ireland's Best Luxury Castle Hotels

Consumer Health Digest

Green Spaces and Mental Health: Why Your Physical Environment Matters?

Brickspace Lab

Why Your Physical Branding and Packaging is Important

Consumer Health Digest

Ways to Enhance Cognitive Health: How to Keep Your Brain hearty at Any Age

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"Great job ghostwriting my book. Thank you so much. I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future."
Beverley Vote
“She did a great job. I asked for an article to be written and Daniella did so much more than I expected. I appreciated her extra hard work. Thanks!"
Dr Jason Drwal
Trauma Therapist

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