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Hi, I'm Daniella

Travel Writer & Editor for numerous digital and print publications

Content Strategist & Creator for travel & wellness entrepreneurs or service-based businesses
Southern Africa Travel Planner
Wellness Advocate


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What People Have to Say

"Daniella has supported me in my professional psychology practice on a freelance basis since August 2014, as a professional associate. Daniella is highly reliable and conscientious as a personality. She is prompt and efficient, and avails herself with diligence when requested to conduct work. She is responsive and willing to assist when unplanned demands and problems occur. She is always professional and interpersonally courteous in her dealings. For these reasons, I plan to continue to request her services on a freelance basis into the future."
Cynthia Rose
Clinical Psychologist
Our Soulful Travels

How to Spend 4 Epic Days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and also one of the most popular travelers destination in all of Europe. The city that doesn’t even feel like a city is famous for its history, elaborate canal systems and iconic architecture.

Our Soulful Travels

How I Maintain my Wellness Habits all Year

As we enter the second quarter of this year (which is racing by), I wanted to review how the first quarter of my year has gone. Although it was off to a really frustrating start and lots of obstacles, I have learned to be more patient and to trust the Universe.


A Content Solution for Your Travel Business

Do I really need a blog when I already have a website? This is the question I get asked the most as a content strategy and creation specialist who works with service-based online travel businesses.