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10 BEST Christmas Yoga Retreats Around the World (2023)

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Last Updated on: 30th November 2023, 05:27 pm

Are you searching for one of the top Christmas yoga retreats in the world to attend in 2023?

Great! Then you’ve landed on the right blog post!

As the holiday season approaches, what better way to embrace the spirit of joy and self-care than by immersing yourself in the serenity of Christmas yoga retreats around the globe?

Whether you seek to escape the hustle of the holiday rush, deepen your yoga practice amidst breathtaking landscapes, or simply indulge in a well-deserved self-care experience, these retreats offer a unique opportunity to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit during the most magical time of the year.

Join us in discovering the enchanting destinations and transformative practices that make these Christmas yoga retreats a truly exceptional gift to yourself. Embrace the festive season with a holistic touch, where inner peace becomes the most cherished present.

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Key Takeaways

  • Immerse yourself in the joy of the holiday season with Christmas Yoga Retreats.
  • Discover destinations that offer a perfect blend of festive cheer and holistic rejuvenation.
  • Escape the holiday rush and deepen your yoga practice amidst breathtaking landscapes.
  • Indulge in a well-deserved self-care experience to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.
  • Explore enchanting retreats that make the festive season a time for inner peace and transformation.
  • Embrace the magic of Christmas with a holistic touch and the most cherished gift to yourself.

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Our Top 3 Picks: Christmas Yoga Retreats


6-Day Soulwork Deep Rest Retreat in Cape Town
✔️ Soulwork sessions
✔️ Chakra consultation
✔️ Ocean cleanse


8 Day Boutique Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat on Tropical Island Lombok
✔️ Equipment
✔️ Surf lessons
✔️ Daily yoga


3-Day Yoga Retreat in Agafay Desert, Morocco
✔️ Yoga & meditation
✔️ Massage
✔️ Camel ride

Top 10 Christmas Yoga Retreats Worldwide

Let’s dive into the details of the best Christmas yoga retreats worldwide…

1. 6-Day Soulwork Deep Rest Retreat in Cape Town

It’s summer during the festive season in Cape Town making it the perfect destination for a Christmas Yoga Retreat.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 6 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Escape to the vibrant energy of Cape Town for a soul-transforming experience with the 6-Day Soulwork Deep Rest Retreat.

This Christmas yoga retreat in the heart of South Africa is designed to heal, replenish, and open the gates to more joy. Led by expert Jessica, renowned for her transformative teachings, this retreat integrates Eastern psychologies, sciences, and Western psychology for a holistic and powerful approach to well-being.

Million thanks to Jess for opening your house and your heart to us! It was such an instructive time at a magical place, filled serenity, peace and light.

– Ophelia (see more reviews)

This retreat is not just a reset to inner peace; it’s an invitation to rediscover the joy at the core of every participant, creating a celebration of life in the beautiful backdrop of Cape Town.

Key Highlights:

  • Twice-daily sessions featuring yoga, breathwork, mantra, conscious dance, sound healing, and meditation.
  • Guided meditations that work with the subconscious mind, fostering inner peace and joy.
  • Soul-nourishing energies of the mountains during morning sessions and the revitalizing beach energies in the evenings.
  • Heart-opening workshops and sharing circles, foster a sense of community and connection.
  • 5 nights of comfortable accommodation and indulge in daily scrumptious heart chakra-tailored plant-based soul food.

Want some other options in South Africa? Discover the top 5 wellness retreats in South Africa here!

2. 8-Day Boutique Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat on Tropical Island Lombok

Man At The Shore
Combine surfing and yoga at this Christmas yoga retreat in Indonesia.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 8 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Embark on a tropical escape with the 8-Day Boutique Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat at Xanadu Surf & Yoga in the idyllic setting of Lombok, Indonesia.

Nestled in the tranquility of Kuta, this boutique retreat offers a perfect blend of surf, yoga, and relaxation, catering to all skill levels from beginners to advanced surfers.

Would come again everytime and will recommend it to my friends to go there for surfing.

– Jana (see more reviews)

Whether you’re seeking to ride the waves or find inner peace through yoga, Xanadu Surf & Yoga provides a comprehensive retreat experience in the heart of paradise.

Key Highlights:

  • Daily yoga sessions amidst the serene tropical surroundings.
  • Surfing lessons tailored to all levels, including video analysis sessions every Thursday.
  • Daily surf sessions guided by experienced instructors, with transport to surf breaks and board rental included.
  • Delicious breakfasts, complementing your wellness journey.
  • High-standard tropical rooms for 7 nights, surrounded by good vibes and dedicated instructors.

3. 3-Day Yoga Retreat in Agafay Desert

Person Standing on Desert
Experience the thrill of yoga in the desert at this Christmas yoga retreat in Morocco.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 3 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech with a tranquil 3-day yoga retreat at BE Agafay Camp, nestled in the mystical Agafay Desert.

Ideal for solo travelers, couples, and friends, this year-round retreat promises a rejuvenating experience under the Moroccan stars. Immerse yourself in the serenity of a yurt tent, connect with nature, and indulge in a holiday designed to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Hamal was my instructor and she was incredible, so lovely and so so helpful and supportive. The whole location, package, accommodation was amazing and I’d highly highly recommend.

Anonymous (see More Reviews)

Whether you’re a yoga beginner or an intermediate practitioner, this retreat offers a perfect blend of wellness and adventure in the captivating Moroccan desert.

Key Highlights:

  • Two rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions amidst the enchanting stone desert landscape.
  • One-hour soothing massage.
  • One-hour camel ride, exploring the beauty of the Agafay Desert.
  • Two nights in a cozy yurt tent, creating unforgettable memories under the starlit Moroccan sky.
  • Daily servings of healthy and delicious breakfast, complemented by a nightly 3-course dinner.

4. 7-Day Fitness and Hot Yoga Retreat in Phuket

Women Doing Yoga Class on Pink Yoga Mat
Get fit before the new year at this Christmas yoga retreat in Thailand.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 7 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Indulge in a wellness haven with the 7-day Fitness and Hot Yoga Retreat at Action Point Fitness Resort in enchanting Phuket, Thailand.

Open to all levels of yoga enthusiasts, this retreat is a holistic blend of traditional yoga practices and the latest trends in Bikram/Hot yoga, guided by certified instructors.

My stay was beyond all expectations and I wish I had at least two weeks there.

– Cecille (see More Reviews)

Dive into the fundamentals of Pilates with a focus on proper posture techniques, and let the serene surroundings of Phuket enhance your rejuvenation journey. With personal training sessions and access to CrossFit classes, achieve results beyond your imagination.

Key Highlights:

  • 5 days of invigorating Hot yoga sessions to enhance flexibility and strength.
  • A day-long yin yoga session, promoting deep relaxation and balance.
  • Steam sauna and ice baths for a refreshing and revitalizing experience.
  • Three personal training sessions and access to any CrossFit class for a comprehensive fitness boost.
  • Explore the beauty of Phuket with a Buddha hike, island boat trip, and indulgent massages.
  • Airport transfers to and from the hotel.

5. 8-Day Let the Sun into Your Heart Yoga Holiday in Vilankulos, Mozambique

Back view of female with raised hands doing yoga standing on sandy beach with face towards calm sea and sunset in summertime
Let the sun into your heart at this Christmas yoga retreat in Mozambique.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 8 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Escape to the coastal haven of Vilankulos, Mozambique, for an 8-day Christmas yoga retreat that seamlessly blends the tranquility of yoga, the serenity of meditation, and the indulgence of spa therapies.

Considered one of the most sought-after yoga retreats in Mozambique, this experience is a holistic journey that revitalizes your mind, body, and soul.

The support, the location, the venue and staff are amazing.

– Krista (see More Reviews)

Immerse yourself in the practice of Hatha yoga with personalized one-on-one sessions, complemented by mindfulness meditation to deepen relaxation. Daily group yoga classes, spa treatments, and exploration of the picturesque Bazaruto Archipelago further enrich this retreat.

Key Highlights:

  • 5 one-on-one Hatha yoga sessions with meditation for personalized and rejuvenating practices.
  • Full-body relaxation massage, feet treatment, and Reflexology session for ultimate pampering.
  • A variety of massages, including Ayurvedic and Bahia Mar signature water massage.
  • Trip to the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago, exploring the natural wonders.
  • Access to the gym, group classes, and 7 nights of comfortable accommodation.
  • Airport transfers.

6. 4-Day Women’s Getaway Yoga Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico

A Woman Engaged in Fortune Telling
Delve into the spirit world with a group of sisters at this Christmas yoga retreat in Mexico.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 4 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with the 4-day “Claim Your Worth and Unleash Your Power” women’s yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico.

Designed to liberate you from limitations and elevate your sense of self, this retreat invites you to connect with the queen within, unlocking a life of love, happiness, and joy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this week of yoga, meditation, nature and spiritual exploration.

– Eline (see More Reviews)

Immerse yourself in daily meditation and yoga sessions, attaining Reiki level one certification, and participating in personal and spiritual development workshops. Experience a 1:1 deep intuitive energy healing session and the luxury of a hotel day-pass, ensuring your comfort and nourishment.

Key Highlights:

  • Reiki level one certification, enhancing your spiritual and healing abilities.
  • Daily meditation and yoga, fostering a mind-body connection and inner peace.
  • 2 personal and spiritual development workshops for holistic growth.
  • 1:1 deep intuitive energy healing session, promoting self-discovery and healing.
  • Luxury hotel day-pass, providing a tranquil space for relaxation and reflection.
  • 60-minute relaxing massage or energy healing, further enhancing your well-being.
  • 3 nights of comfortable accommodation, creating a serene retreat experience.

7. 5-Day Flexible Revitalizing Yoga and Surf Camp in Ayampe, Ecuador

Women Performing Yoga on Green Grass Near Trees
Yoga and surfing take center stage at this Christmas yoga retreat in Ecuador.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 5 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Indulge in a personalized vacation tailored to your desires at Vistamar Guest House’s Flexible Revitalizing Yoga and Surf Camp in Ayampe, Ecuador.

Whether you crave private surf lessons, small personalized yoga classes, or cultural immersions, Vistamar ensures an unforgettable experience.

Everything about Vistamar is amazing. The people are amazing. The location, the food, the ambiance, the hospitality. It is all truly remarkable. 11/10 would recommend!

– Ian (see more reviews)

Enjoy the comfort of epic views, daily cleaning service, and extra comfy bedding, providing the perfect haven for relaxation. With a focus on flexibility, superb care, and attention to detail, Vistamar stands out as an ideal destination for rejuvenation.

Key Highlights:

  • Daily surf classes, perfect for all skill levels.
  • Daily yoga sessions, fostering holistic well-being.
  • Daily wave-searching excursions in a pick-up truck, exploring the coastal beauty.
  • Horseback excursion to the highest peak in the area, blending adventure and nature.
  • 3 extremely delicious, scratch-made meals daily, providing a culinary journey.
  • 4 nights of comfortable accommodation with stunning ocean views.
  • Cooking classes, adding a touch of local flavor to your retreat experience.

8. 7-Day Connection Retreat in Santa Teresa

Woman In Pink Shirt Posing While Standing On Shore during one of these Christmas Yoga Retreats.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 7 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with the 7-Day Connection Body, Mind, and Soul Retreat in Santa Teresa.

This package is crafted for those seeking to delve into their inner selves, offering a profound opportunity to disconnect from the mundane and reconnect with the spiritual.

Everyone at the retreat was genuinely nice and invested in making sure I had a pleasurable experience. This was exactly what my soul needed.

– toni (see more reviews)

Delve into the depths of your soul through a series of practices and therapies designed to guide you on a journey of healing and self-realization. With the stunning backdrop of Santa Teresa, this retreat promises to be a sanctuary for introspection and renewal.

Key Highlights:

  • 5 rejuvenating yoga classes are held on a serene deck.
  • Meditation and sound healing for inner peace.
  • Rebirthing Breathwork session to initiate your transformative journey.
  • A magical Bioluminescence tour for a unique natural spectacle.
  • Sunset horseback riding adventure on Manzanillo beach and fields.
  • 60-minute massage for ultimate relaxation.
  • Private accommodation for 6 nights, with daily breakfast from a local bakery included.

9. 7-Day Cycling, Hiking & Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal

Two Monks Walking Between Trees

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 7 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Embark on a transformative journey with the 7-Day Cycling, Hiking, and Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu, Bagmati Pradesh.

This retreat promises a life-changing vacation that elevates the traditional yoga experience by integrating cycling and hiking, offering a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being.

I was very well taken care of by my guide Suraj and all the team. Everything was very flexible to accommodate me and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide.

Green (see more reviews)

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Kathmandu and the surrounding valley, discovering the perfect balance of adventure and tranquility.

Key Highlights:

  • Daily yoga practices, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Bhakti styles.
  • Thai stone massage session.
  • Free shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • Guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu for cultural exploration.
  • Hiking and cycling tour around the scenic valley.
  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodation and relish daily delicious meals.

10. 5-Day Deep Relaxation Retreat in Malaga, Spain

⭐️ Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars | ⏳ Retreat Length: 5 days | Check out Rates & Availability

Escape to the enchanting beauty of Andalusia and surrender to tranquility with the Deep Relaxation Retreat in Malaga, Spain.

A mere two hours from bustling cities like London or Paris, this retreat is a haven for disconnection and rejuvenation. Led by Antonina Ramsey, a seasoned yoga and Ayurveda therapist, indulge in therapeutic yoga sessions, daily massages, and enlightening moments for your body and mind.

It was my first experience with any sort of retreats, but it was absolutely amazing.

– Valerie (see More Reviews)

With only five people per retreat, relish personalized attention and the serenity of a natural paradise.

Key Highlights:

  • 4 morning therapeutic yoga sessions, promoting holistic well-being.
  • 3 relaxation massages or therapies, each lasting 60 minutes, for deep rejuvenation.
  • 2 evening guided relaxation sessions, choosing between a Sound Bath or Yoga Nidra.
  • 4 nights of private accommodation with a personal bathroom, ensuring comfort.
  • Daily healthy, delicious Mediterranean, and Ayurvedic meals and drinks.

Enjoy a Peaceful Christmas at a Yoga Retreat

As we wrap up this journey through the 10 Best Christmas Yoga Retreats around the world, it’s evident that these sanctuaries offer more than just physical rejuvenation—they promise an immersion into a world of serenity and self-discovery.

From the sun-kissed beaches of Mozambique to the cultural richness of Morocco and the lush landscapes of Ecuador, each retreat is a unique canvas for crafting your own rejuvenating experience. Whether you choose the therapeutic yoga sessions in Malaga or the exhilarating surf and yoga blend in Ecuador, these retreats promise a holiday season where mindfulness and joy dance together.

Embrace the opportunity to replenish your spirit, connect with like-minded souls, and let the magic of yoga illuminate your festive season. May this be not just a holiday escape but a transformative journey toward a more balanced and harmonious you.

Merry Christmas and a blissful yoga-filled New Year!

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