3 Luxurious & Dreamy Hotels in the Caribbean

3 Luxurious & Dreamy Hotels in the Caribbean to Book in 2024

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You wake up to the light touch of the morning sun on your skin, a fresh, sweet-smelling breeze, and the rhythmic sound of the waves breaking on the shore. You get up feeling refreshed and step outside into the warm air of the Caribbean to take in the most gorgeous views. Your eyes rest on the pleasing long white sandy beach, notice the azure blue of the inviting ocean and appreciate the lush greenery of the natural surroundings. No, this is not a dream; this is your dream destination!

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The Appeal of the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands with their tropical weather, endless white beaches, and staggeringly beautiful sunsets are truly an escapist’s dream destination. The region which is well-known to attract both the rich and famous has become a luxurious playground for the elite looking for unique experiences. The islands are famous for their many luxury hotels and resorts but these are our pick of the top three:

Serafina Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico

If Puerto Rico is the place to be then Serafina Beach Hotel is the place to stay. A stylishly modern yet cheekily playful oceanfront hotel is at once luxurious but with relaxed beach-house vibes. The sight of the swinging egg chairs on the terrace may be tempting but a glimpse of the view from them is simply irresistible. The mesmerizingly beautiful turquoise hues of the ocean will make you want to dive in immediately. The alluring vibe emanating from this boutique beachfront haven is full of energy and suits the destination perfectly.

Serafina Beach Hotel is ideally located with the ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other. Stunning views all around. With views over bodies of water from each room, the hotel inspires relaxation and a sense of peace. This edgy yet intimate hotel is perfect for couples or families looking to escape for a while. The décor, inspired by the ocean and surroundings. This means the color palette includes whites, greys, teal, and seafoam greens. The rooms are further accentuated with natural wood tones and impressive floor-to-ceiling windows which brings the outside in. The rest of the hotel has a bunch of interesting features and quirky décor items that draw the eye.

Evidently, the ocean is the dominant factor both in design and ambiance that is noticeable from the moment you arrive. With great views from the lobby, certain rooms, the infinity pool, the ballroom, and restaurant terraces. This is the first hotel venture of the New York-based Serafina Restaurant Group and as such, there is a big emphasis on fine dining as well. Savor a meal and sip on a cocktail on the terrace while soaking in the unbelievable views from this one-of-a-kind hotel.

Serafina Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico

Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia

Jade Mountain is the ultimate one-of-a-kind escape on the island of St Lucia that offers unique views of the two Piton Mountains floating upon the Caribbean Sea. The moment you lay eyes on this magnificent resort you feel a sense of complete wonderment. There are very few places in the world that capture such an awe-inspiring view. And, the combination of the ocean and the volcanic mountains rising from the waves is breathtakingly beautiful. Jade Mountain is the only resort on St Lucia that boasts these iconic ocean and mountain views.

At Jade Mountain, you won’t find any hallways with identical hotel room doors. Instead, rooms are called Sanctuaries and each is accessed via a private bridge. The Sanctuaries are grand rooms that combine bedrooms, living areas, and an extravagant infinity pool into one unique space. The open concept means there is no fourth wall and the infinity pool creates an extraordinary platform that floats out into nature.

The resulting feeling is remarkable as if guests are fully immersed in the natural surroundings of their own private but luxurious treehouse. The en-suite bathrooms are slightly raised and have a short wall around it to ensure unobstructed views from both the shower and whirlpool bath that also has chromatherapy colored lights. Try on the cozy white bathrobes and slippers and enjoy some complimentary drinks from the fridge after a soak.

Dining at Jade Mountain Resort is an experience in itself and the all-inclusive packages complete this idyllic retreat. With a total of seven restaurants spread throughout the resort offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, guests can eat sample something new each day. The attention to detail at the resort and unmatched personal service is a rarity that makes a stay at Jade Mountain Resort an unforgettable experience!

Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia

Baoase Luxury Resort in Curacao

Baoase Luxury Resort is expertly designed to wash away cares and ensure a peaceful retreat in both comfort and style. The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao offers the most gorgeous coastline and idyllic surroundings. Set within this oasis are rooms, suites, and villas of this luxury resort. The tranquil location combined with the rich wood structures, Asian stonework, and Buddhist statues creates a Zen-like vibe. Add the tropical foliage, beautiful beaches, and the stunning blue ocean and the result is paradise. The jewel-toned décor and accents perfectly blend with the natural surroundings and add a luxurious experience.

A vacation at Baoase Luxury Resort offers the unique intimacy of a private villa complemented with world-class service and superior amenities. Some of the units have private plunge pools surrounded by lush gardens to create a secret escape-type ambiance. Others have spectacular views of the beach and ocean and easy access to the resort’s mineral infinity pool. All suites have fully equipped kitchens, indoor and outdoor sitting areas and the rooms have en-suite bathrooms. The Balinese-inspired furnishings provide guests with a feeling of being in harmony with nature.

An ideal location for romantic couple getaways or family beach adventures. As there is much to do both at the resort and on the island. Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant is the resort’s signature restaurant that offers exemplary international cuisine throughout the day. For special occasions, arrange a private dining experience. Find peace and quiet in a Caribbean paradise at this superb luxury resort!

Baoase Luxury Resort in Curacao

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3 Luxurious & Dreamy Hotels in the Caribbean

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