Giraffe Standing on Green Grass Field Under Blue Sky on a safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania.

How to Go on an Incredible Safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania (2024)

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Last Updated on: 12th April 2024, 03:36 pm

Do you want to go on a safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania?

Great! Then you’ve landed on the right blog post!

We jet off to Zanzibar regularly and love adding on a safari before or after our tropical getaway.

Your journey could begin with a scenic flight from Zanzibar to the iconic Serengeti or perhaps to the enthralling Ngorongoro Crater.

As there aren’t any wildlife safaris directly on Zanzibar island, the real magic happens on the mainland.

That’s where you’ll witness the timeless dance of nature in some of the most renowned reserves on the planet.

Whether you’re pursuing the majestic Big Five or simply soaking in the untouched landscapes, Zanzibar Tanzania safari holidays promise an incredibly diverse range of experiences, cementing their status as the ultimate safari destination.

Key Takeaways

  • Commence your safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania with easy flight connections directly to your chosen adventure.
  • Uncover the splendor of Tanzania’s national parks, home to iconic wildlife and stunning, diverse ecosystems.
  • Enjoy the convenience of starting your Tanzania safari right from the tropical haven of Zanzibar.
  • Choose from a variety of safari Zanzibar Tanzania packages that cater to different travel styles and durations.
  • Embark on the ultimate Zanzibar Tanzania safari experience, combining luxury, exhilaration, and unparalleled natural beauty.

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The Logistics of Safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania

Your dream of an unforgettable safari trip from Zanzibar to Tanzania is just a flight away.

Understandably, you might feel overwhelmed by the logistics, but don’t worry; with a little guidance, you’ll be enjoying the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of Tanzania in no time.

Whether you’re eager for the northern Tanzania adventure or the southern Tanzania safari, each possesses a unique allure.

Flight Arrangements to Mainland Tanzania

Taking off on your safari to Tanzania begins with choosing your flight path – north to the depth and diversity of the Serengeti or south to the vast wilderness of the reserves.

From Zanzibar, you can board a short domestic flight to Dar es Salaam for the southern safari circuits, like Selous Game Reserve, now known as Nyerere National Park, or the wildlife-rich Mikumi National Park, ensuring you’re at the closest safari to Zanzibar.

If the northern call of the wild beckons, a hop to Arusha places you at the gateway to the legendary plains of the Serengeti and other northern circuit treasures.

🚢 Heading out on a safari first? Read our guide on how to take the ferry to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam.

Choosing Between Northern and Southern Safari Circuits

Deciding between a northern or southern Tanzania safari is like choosing between two equally tantalizing dishes.

The north, renowned for the Ngorongoro Crater and other illustrious parks, promises a classic safari experience.

Conversely, the southern circuit lets you delve into the raw and remote beauty of fewer-trodden paths like the Selous Game Reserve and the untouched vistas of Nyerere National Park, offering a more secluded encounter with nature.

Map of Zanzibar & Tanzania

Understanding the Importance of Safari Duration

The duration of your safari is pivotal to your experience.

While a two-day sojourn provides a taste of the Tanzanian wild, extending your stay to three days or more allows for a deeper connection and broader exploration of the northern Tanzania Serengeti or the tranquil sanctuaries of southern Tanzania.

Longer stays enhance the chances of witnessing the unfathomable beauty of dawn and dusk amidst the savannahs and maximizing your encounter with the rich tapestry of Tanzanian wildlife.

A game vehicle in the bush at sunset.

Destinations and Highlights

Imagine setting foot on a journey of discovery from the spice-scented isle of Zanzibar to the rolling savannas of mainland Tanzania. This voyage takes you to the heart of Africa, where legendary landscapes and abundant wildlife await.

Nestling within the arms of ancient volcanic activity lies the Ngorongoro Crater, a sanctuary for wildlife and the jewel in Tanzania’s crown. Here, the dense population of animals coexists in the largest unfilled volcanic crater in the world.

With every turn of the head, you could spot a lion, a rhino, or a gracefully striding elephant—the crater’s inhabitants making for unforgettable sightings.

Meanwhile, the baobab-studded landscape of Tarangire National Park home to elephant herds of renowned size, and the dexterity of the tree-climbing lions in lush Lake Manyara National Park will leave you captivated.

For those in pursuit of a less-traveled path, Mikumi National Park beckons with its open grasslands and the promise of a rawer slice of the safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Each park not only enriches your Zanzibar Tanzania safari itinerary but spotlights the sheer diversity of Tanzania’s ecosystems.

As you tailor your safari packages, the promise of an authentic African adventure becomes a palpable reality.

Your Zanzibar safari tour is more than just a holiday—it’s a chapter in your life’s story waiting to be written against the backdrop of Tanzania’s vast beauty.

DestinationWildlifeUnique Feature
Serengeti National ParkWildebeest, Zebras, Big Cats, and moreWitnessing the Great Migration
Lake Manyara National ParkTree-climbing Lions, Flamingos, ElephantsDiverse birdlife and lush forests
Ngorongoro CraterBlack Rhino, Lions, Hippos, and moreWorld’s largest intact caldera
Tarangire National ParkLarge Elephant Herds, Baobab TreesHigh density of elephants
Mikumi National ParkBuffalo, Giraffes, Elands, and moreThe Mkata Floodplain resembling the Serengeti
A lioness walking in front of a game vehicle is something you may see on a safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania.

Zanzibar to Tanzania Safari Packages: What to Expect

When you dream of a safari adventure, Zanzibar to Tanzania offers some of the most vibrant and diverse experiences to fulfill your wanderlust. With a myriad of safari packages, your journey can be tailored to the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

Here’s an insider’s guide on what to expect when booking your African escapade.

Sample Safari Itineraries to Spark Your Wanderlust

Whether you’re pressed for time or have days to immerse yourself in the wilderness, there’s an itinerary for you.

Consider the quick yet awe-inspiring 1-day safari from Zanzibar, perfect for those on a tight schedule.

If you’re looking for a more extensive exploration, a 3-day safari from Zanzibar provides a deeper dive into Tanzania’s wildlife.

The best safari from Zanzibar typically includes multiple game drives across the most prestigious parks, where the roar of lions and the trumpet of elephants become the soundtrack to your journey.

Accommodation Types: From Luxury Tents to Lodge Stays

  • For an unforgettable experience steeped in the ambiance of the wild, luxury tents let you sleep under the stars with the comfort of high-end amenities.
  • More traditional lodge stays offer a cozy retreat after a day of adventure, with the benefits of modern conveniences and breathtaking views.
A pool area at a luxury lodge.
The pool area of a luxury lodge at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Inclusions and Exclusions: Knowing Before You Go

A key element of your travel plan involves understanding what’s included in your Zanzibar Tanzania safari packages.

From internal flights and park entry fees to meals and professional guides, these details can significantly impact your journey.

Be aware that some aspects, like international flights and travel insurance, may not be covered, making it crucial to review the fine print before setting off on your Zanzibar safari tour.

DurationDestinationsAccommodation TypesInclusions
1 DayNearest National ParksLuxury Tents/Day RoomsTransfers, Guide, Fees, Meals
3 DaysSerengeti, NgorongoroLuxury Tents/LodgesFlights, Transfers, Guide, Fees, All Meals

To sum it up, your safari and Zanzibar packages promise an enriching escape that caters to your taste for adventure.

A private jet landing in a bush airstrip is what you can expect on a safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania.

Safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania Cost, Price, and Packages

Planning your dream safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania requires an understanding of the various costs involved.

No two safaris are the same, and the price can reflect the type and length of your trip.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable day fly experience or the best safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania, it’s essential to consider all the factors contributing to the overall cost.

Cost Considerations for Different Safari Packages

If you’re curious about the safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania cost, it’s important to note that each package can offer vastly different experiences.

From the safari cost in Tanzania to the specific game reserve you’ll visit, many details affect the final number. A basic breakdown per person could include your chosen accommodation, the number of game drives, park entry fees, and whether meals are included.

A hot air balloon over a field full of zebras.

Let’s explore how these variables might affect your safari adventure’s price tag.

How Prices Vary by Season and Duration

The price of safaris can also fluctuate based on the season.

📆 Wondering when to book your trip? Discover the best (and worst) times to visit Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Peak tourism seasons often see a heightened safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania price due to increased demand.

Conversely, traveling during the off-season might offer more competitive rates.

Similarly, the duration of your stay plays a crucial role; a longer trip typically means a higher overall cost but could result in a lower per-day rate, offering more value for your time in the wilderness.

Understanding the Components of Your Safari Package Price

Demystifying the price means knowing what you’re paying for.

Here’s an insightful look at a typical price breakdown for a 3-day safari, giving you clarity on what may be included in the Zanzibar safari cost.

Component2-Day/Per Person3-Day/Per Person4-Day/Per Person
Domestic Flights$200$220$250
Park Fees$100$150$200
Game Drives2 Included4 Included6 Included
MealsSome includedAll includedAll included + Extras

Keep in mind that these figures are estimations and will vary based on actual travel dates, the specific game reserve chosen, and the level of accommodation.

When planning the best safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania, it’s recommended to request detailed itineraries and price breakdowns from reputable tour operators to compare what’s included and ensure the safari aligns with both your expectations and budget.

3 safari vehicles within a vast field full of wildebeest.

Guided Tours vs. Independent Safari Travels from Zanzibar

When considering a safari adventure from Zanzibar, you are faced with two enticing choices: embark on guided safari tours or explore the wilderness through an independent safari.

While guided tours offer the expertise of seasoned guides and handle the nitty-gritty of logistics, an independent safari gives you the freedom to carve your own path.

However, this freedom comes with the responsibility of detailed planning and a need to stay informed about the nuances of national park protocols.

For those who seek a hassle-free journey with maximized wildlife encounters, safari operators have designed several all-inclusive guided packages.

Let’s compare the options with a quick overview:

Travel TypeProsConsBest For
Guided Safari Tours
  • Expert guides with wildlife tracking skills
  • All logistics managed
  • Increased safety
  • Less personal freedom
  • May rush between sights
  • First-time safari-goers
  • Travelers with limited planning time
Independent Safari
  • Complete autonomy
  • Flexible schedule
  • Potentially more economical
  • Complex planning required
  • Potential for missed sightings without a guide
  • Experienced adventurers
  • Those seeking a bespoke experience

Consider that guided safari tours may be the answer if you’re looking for a first-class, educational, and social wildlife experience right from the comfort of Zanzibar.

A woman sitting on a game vehicle during a safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania.

Wildlife Encounters: Can You Expect the Big Five?

Embarking on a wildlife safari in the heart of Tanzania is not only about the thrill of the adventure but also about the anticipation of spotting the iconic Big Five.

As you transition from the azure waters of Zanzibar to the vast wilderness of the mainland, Tanzania’s renowned national parks await with promises of unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Spotlight on Serengeti’s Diverse Ecosystem

The Serengeti National Park, a symbol of safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar, spreads across an awe-inspiring ecosystem brimming with the diversity of life.

Here, each turn reveals a potential encounter with the celebrated Big Five.

Majestic lions abound, leopards prowl in secret havens, elephants traverse the plains in herds, buffalos lounge in their imposing strength, and if fortune favors, the elusive rhinos grace your presence.

The Serengeti is the very essence of the Tanzania wildlife exploration, where the drama of survival and the beauty of nature coalesce.

Two elephants and a baby elephant.

Exclusive Wildlife Experiences in Nyerere and Ruaha National Parks

In contrast to the vast Serengeti, the Nyerere and Ruaha National Parks offer a more secluded sojourn into the wild. As part of your big five safaris, these parks introduce you to an array of singular wildlife experiences away from the larger crowds.

Nyerere’s lush landscapes present opportunities to witness mighty elephants and regal lions, while the rugged terrains of Ruaha are home to towering giraffes and vibrant birdlife alongside the Big Five, fostering a truly exclusive wildlife safari.

Ngorongoro Crater: Rare Species and Majestic Landscapes

The Ngorongoro Crater, often referred to as Africa’s Eden, welcomes you with its breathtaking vistas. Nestled within this natural amphitheater, protected species such as black rhinos find refuge amidst verdant scenery and pristine waters.

Here, in the crater’s embrace, the balance of predator and prey plays out in daily brushstrokes of life and survival, culminating in an astounding array of wildlife encounters set against one of Tanzania’s most majestic backdrops.

While the guarantee of spotting all members of the Big Five during your safari hinges on nature’s whims, these storied landscapes provide the perfect setting to hope for the quintessential safari highlights.

Your quest for the Big Five forms the cornerstone of an unparalleled adventure, one that captures the imagination and spirit of the ultimate safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

A cute lion cub.

Combining a Zanzibar Retreat with a Tanzania Safari

Imagine stepping off the plane onto the sun-drenched sands of Zanzibar Island, your senses immediately engulfed by the scent of spices and the warm ocean breeze.

This is the blissful start to what becomes an unparalleled adventure as you transition from the relaxed beach life to the exhilarating pulse of the wild Tanzanian savannas.

The ultimate goal?

To weave the leisurely pace of Zanzibar with the untamed heart of a safari in Tanzania into one seamless tapestry.

The Bliss of Beach and Bush: A Harmony of Experiences

After the thrills and sights of the bush, the beckoning azure waters of Zanzibar offer a tranquil escape. You cherish the calming downtime on this spice island, letting the serene tranquility wash over you.

This is the essence of an integrated vacation, balancing the locales and the experiences – the invigorating bush drives alongside the restorative beach stays, creating memories that resonate with both the adrenaline-packed pursuits and the moments of pure leisure.

The view of an island from a traditional dhow in Zanzibar.

Strategies for Crafting a Balanced Itinerary

  1. Determine the length of your stay, ensuring ample time for both beach relaxation and wildlife expeditions.
  2. Select experiences that align with your interests—you might want to snorkel in Zanzibar’s clear waters or seek out big game in the Ngorongoro Crater.
  3. Work with established tour operators known for crafting balanced itineraries.

Getting the sequence right is vital; does the slow rhythm of Zanzibar’s beaches suit you best as the prelude or the finale to the safari’s high notes?

It’s your symphony to compose.

Best Practices for a Seamlessly Integrated Vacation

  • Account for travel time and transitions to minimize stress and enhance enjoyment across different destinations.
  • Opt for further relaxation in Zanzibar after the safari—recharge on the island to conclude your vacation on a peaceful note.
  • Pay attention to the pacing, ensuring a vacation rhythm that flows, thus heightening your enjoyment of both the beach and bush.

An integrated vacation like this promises not just pictures or souvenirs, but a treasure trove of moments that linger in your heart long after you’ve returned home.

The Serengeti at sunset during a safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania.

Safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania FAQs

Can you go on a safari from Zanzibar?

Absolutely! Zanzibar offers excellent opportunities to embark on a safari adventure. You can seamlessly combine your beach vacation with a safari experience, exploring the diverse wildlife in Tanzania.

Which safari is closest to Zanzibar?

The Selous Game Reserve is one of the closest safari destinations to Zanzibar. Located in southern Tanzania, it offers a rich biodiversity and can be easily accessed by a short flight from Zanzibar.

How do I get from Zanzibar to Tanzania?

To get from Zanzibar to Tanzania, you can take a short flight from Zanzibar International Airport to various airports in Tanzania, such as Dar es Salaam or Arusha. From there, you can connect to your chosen safari destination.

How much is a 1-day safari in Tanzania?

The cost of a 1-day safari in Tanzania can vary based on the location and specific safari package. On average, prices range from $150 to $400 per person. It’s advisable to check with local tour operators for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

How far is the safari from Zanzibar?

The distance from Zanzibar to safari destinations in Tanzania varies. For instance, Selous Game Reserve is approximately a 1-hour flight from Zanzibar, making it a convenient choice for those looking to combine a beach holiday with a safari adventure.


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Book Your Safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania

The variety and richness offered by your carefully chosen Zanzibar Tanzania safari packages ensure that the memories crafted here, under the vast African sky, will linger long after footprints in sand and soil have faded.

Ready to embark?

Your very own Zanzibar to Tanzania wildlife adventure is just a heartbeat away, awaiting your arrival.

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