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In March we traveled to Mauritius for the first time ever.

We hopped on our Air Mauritius flight from Johannesburg and headed to paradise. This is my totally honest Air Mauritius review. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like flying with this airline, you’ll find out here.

This four-hour Air Mauritius flight was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had up in the air. As a result, I am considering flying with Air Mauritius whenever I can. Luckily for me, Air Mauritius has routes to various other destinations around the world.

To better understand why having a good flight experience is so important to me, read on…

The Background Story

Aka why you can trust this is a truly honest Air Mauritius review.

I am a nervous flyer πŸ™

I know, not ideal for a person who has a profession that involves travel. However, becoming a travel writer was the best thing I ever did to overcome my aerophobia.

I traveled a lot as a child visiting far-off places with my parents and other family members. There were never any problems. But, at some point between high school and university, this irrational fear set in, and boarding a plane would send me into a panic attack. I tried to move past it but it got so bad I stopped flying altogether for a number of years.

However, I soon became more afraid of not seeing this world than being on a plane.

I boarded a plane again for the first time in 2016 (Zanzibar honeymoon) and never looked back. After that trip, the travel bug bit me again. So I focused my attention on travel writing as a means to overcome this fear.

Sitting on swing at pool

A Great Airline

Now, I am merely nervous when boarding a plane, instead of terrified.

This brings me back to my Air Mauritius review.

As a person who has overcome aerophobia, a good flight experience is very important to me.

Since I started flying again in 2016, I have flown with many different airlines to various places across the world, both domestic and international. This has given me a unique perspective on what makes a great airline. Air Mauritius checked all the boxes for me in terms of the usual things such as safety rating, service, friendly staff, comfort, space, food, and more.

However, for me, it was the small subtle, almost intangible aspects of the experience that really made an impression.

Air Mauritius Airbus A350

Air Mauritius Airbus A350

Let’s get into the juicy details of this Air Mauritius review.

Air Mauritius recently added two new planes to their fleet to service their route from Johannesburg. The two Airbus A350-900s are part of the latest generation of aircraft created by Airbus.

On the way to Mauritius, we flew in ‘Le Morne Brabant’ and our return flight was on ‘Pieter Both’. I absolutely loved that they had named their aircraft after the two most famous mountains in the country.

From the moment we boarded I could tell that this flight was going to be significantly different from past experiences. I was immediately impressed by how superior their product was. This made me realize that Air Mauritius is much more than just a holiday airline as I had expected.

Air Mauritius Airbus A350

The Features

The Air Mauritius A350 planes definitely focus on the well-being of passengers whether in Business Class or Economy Class. In this Air Mauritius review, I’ll focus on the features of both although this isn’t really an Air Mauritius Business Class review.

The features listed below make a big difference in comfort and overall experience:

  • Larger and more spacious Economy Class Cabin
  • Full-flat Business Class seats
  • State-of-the-art entertainment system
  • Full HD screens
  • Inflight connectivity
  • A quieter cabin (4x less noise energy)
  • Various mood lighting options
  • Full LED ambient lighting to mimic natural sunrise and sunset for better well-being.
  • A lower cabin altitude (reduces jetlag)
  • Advanced air management systems
  • The draft-free environment at the optimum temperature
  • The widest seats of any jetliner in this category
  • Generous leg room in Economy Class
  • Larger panoramic windows
  • Fully dark cabin during night flights
  • A completely flat floor increases legroom
  • Nearly vertical sidewalls provide more personal space
  • Has a higher ceiling which adds to the feeling of spaciousness

Our Air Mauritius Experience

Now onto my personal experience to round out this Air Mauritius review:

Due to all these lovely features, our 4-hour flight felt rather luxurious – even in Economy Class.

The seats are comfortable and I enjoyed more legroom than I had on a 10-hour flight to Madrid on my way to Portugal last year. On our flight to Mauritius, our seats were in the middle row, but the seat between us was empty, so we had enough space to stretch out a bit.

On the flight back my husband had a window seat and I was in the middle with another passenger in the aisle. Although I had less space I still felt comfortable enough.

I tend to avoid eating airline food if possible and usually bring my own snacks along. But the dinner during our evening flight was rather good.

Now onto the entertainment selection, which was great and really helped me keep my mind off my fears. They had a wide selection of new movies, series, games, and music to choose from. The games and series kept me occupied during the trip to Mauritius and a comedy movie held my attention on our flight back.

Air Mauritius Airbus A350 Screen

Air Mauritius Review: FAQs

What is Air Mauritius’ safety record?

Air Mauritius has a strong safety record and is certified to fly by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In 2020, it was awarded 7 stars for its airline safety rating from The airline adheres to all international regulations for aircraft and equipment maintenance, crew training, and operations as well as strict on-board service guidelines for passenger comfort.

Is Air Mauritius a good airline to fly with?

As you can probably tell by this Air Mauritius review the answer is “yes” but let’s dive into the details. Air Mauritius has been awarded the 4-star Skytrax rating due to its excellent customer satisfaction ratings in terms of the quality of its onboard services, cabin staff, food quality, and price competitiveness. Passengers have reported very positive experiences flying with Air Mauritius which makes it a great choice when considering an airline carrier.

Does Air Mauritius offer Wi-Fi connecting on board?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier in this Air Mauritius review there is inflight connectivity. The airline offers Wi-Fi connectivity on most flights within the cabin. To access the internet connection you will need your own laptop or phone device which must be equipped with 802.11b/g technology built-in or you can opt to rent Air Mauritius’s AirFi service.

Does Air Mauritius have a frequent flyer program?

Good question! This Air Mauritius review has convinced you to be loyal too. Yes, Air Mauritius has its own loyalty program called Kestrelflyer Rewards. This program allows members to accumulate points and redeem them for flight upgrades, discounts on Air Mauritius flights, and more. The program is free to join and travelers can earn points from flying with Air Mauritius or from their other airline partners around the world.

What are the advantages of flying with Air Mauritius?

As I mentioned in this Air Mauritius review, there are many. Air Mauritius offers several advantages when it comes to air travel including competitive pricing, excellent onboard services, reliable aircraft maintenance, and crew training as well as a wide network of destinations. Additionally, Air Mauritius offers its Kestrelflyer Rewards program which allows members to accumulate points and redeem them for valuable rewards.

Air Mauritius: My Top Choice

All in all, I was really impressed with the experience on both our Air Mauritius flights.

The flights were smooth and unbelievably comfortable from take-off to landing. On the flight to Mauritius, I even felt safe enough to lie down and take a short nap which I basically never do when flying.

As this Air Mauritius review shows, it is definitely a superb airline and its Airbus A350 planes are of the highest quality. I would recommend booking your flight with them to any of their destinations.

However, my top destination would be a return trip to their tropical island paradise of Mauritius!

I would like to thank Air Mauritius for sponsoring our flights to Mauritius. As always, all opinions are my own!

Have you visited Mauritius or traveled with Air Mauritius?


Air Mauritius Airbus A350 Review

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  1. Sounds like a great airline! I’ve never flown Air Mauritius before, but more spacious economy class seats are always nice! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure Cynthia. I would definitely recommend them if you get the chance. It was a really comfortable trip.

  2. Thanks for sharing genuine review. It seems like, airlines offer A class services. Images are also supporting what you have written.

  3. This looks amazing! I haven’t heard of this airline before but your photos and experience look like this is a world class flight! I kinda want to travel to Johannesburg now just to fly them. I’m happy you had such an incredible experience since you’re a nervous flyer and the added tv makes it great for long flights. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Karen! I believe they have flights with the Air Mauritius Airbus A350 planes from London and Paris to Mauritius now too!

  4. I hope I do get to do this airline one day. Your post has convinced me. Your photos are great and I also like your style of writing. I recently had my first Jetblue flight so this reminds me that I can do a similar post. Pinning to save too!

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