Holistic Healing

The ancient Maya people believed that we were an intrinsic part of the Universe.

They knew that our emotions, body, and mind were all interconnected and need balance. The basis for holistic healing.

With this guiding principle, they adopted a holistic and integrative approach to healing. Hence, they were able to thrive for over six centuries throughout South America.

In our modern world with constant technological advancements that have left us disconnected from ourselves and others – the need for this ancient wisdom may be more important than ever before. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, consider adding one of these holistic healing experiences to your Mexico itinerary. All three of them are located in Tulum so make sure to review this guide to Tulum before booking your stay.

Delve into the mystical and magical world of ancient Mayan healing practices at these three luxury wellness spas.


Azulik is a luxury wellness eco-resort in Tulum that is built like an off-the-grid sanctuary. The entire experience revolves around the natural surroundings and sacred waters throughout the property.

The resort consists of 48 wood-crafted villas built like tree houses that offer a harmonious experience with the natural Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Azulik has no electricity and presents nature as its main amenity making it the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

Azulik is not your average luxury resort and guests should be prepared for a different type of experience that they may be used to but in an unbelievably unique setting.

Holistic Healing
Credit: Azulik

Maya Spa

The real winner at Azulik is their Maya Spa which places an emphasis on Ancestral Mayan Rituals and holistic healing. Treatments start with a welcome foot cleansing ritual that makes use of local herbs.

All Maya Spa treatments revolve around the five elements namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Sky. The idea is that these different elements affect the body in specific ways and that certain treatments can balance these elements. Their signature spa treatments represent the energies of these elements and help balance the natural rhythms of the body.

Earth represents the body and treatments consist of massage and reflexology. Water represents emotions and sacred water ceremonies and baths are offered. Air represents thoughts and communication and makes use of energy cleansing or facial treatments. Fire represents vital energy and is mostly massage treatments. Finally, Sky represents the Spirit and the journey to higher wellbeing while employing Biomagnetic holistic healing sessions and yoga.

Credit: Azulik

Mystikal Wanders

Another rare feature that makes Azulik so special is their Mystikal Wanders experiences that take place in the natural jungle surroundings, lagoons, the Caribbean Sea and within local communities.

There are four different guided Mystikal Wanders to choose from and it all depends on the desired experience. These unique experiences are designed as journeys of discovery, transformation, and of course, holistic healing.

Mystikal Cobra Wander involves a visit to a temple and a Cacao Ceremony with a Shaman. Mystikal Mayan Wander includes a visit to the Spider Monkey Sanctuary in the jungle. Mystikal Lagoon Wander consists of SUP Yoga in two different Lagoon Cenotes. Mystikal Catamaran allows guests to sail the Caribbean on a Catamaran while discovering coral reefs.

Holistic Healing
Credit: Azulik

Yaan Wellness

Yaan Wellness is a luxury energy holistic healing spa based in Tulum. Born from the magic that is Mexico, the center of wellness and healing offers a much-needed retreat from the world for many people. Yaan Wellness provides visitors with a peaceful location from which to integrate mind, body, and soul.

Immersion into the natural elements of earth, air, fire, and water is part of each experience. The elegant yet organic design of the spa encourages relaxation and a commune with nature. Yaan Wellness Energy Spa employs top professionals throughout Mexico and the world to administer indigenous treatments that cleanse the body and spirit.

Credit: Yaan Wellness

Wellness Treatments

Just like the ancient Mesoamerican cultures before them, Yaan Wellness believes in addressing wellness from a holistic perspective.

There is a wide range of wellness treatments to choose from ranging from one-day to five-day packages. Cleanse and detox packages are quite popular and can include colon hydrotherapy, ozone therapy, massages, yoga, and a healing water circuit. Dr. Bobby Klein is a world-renown multidimensional healer, life path counselor, and therapist. He offers a variety of holistic healing sessions for individuals, couples, and families.

Ayurveda wellness treatments are also available in the form of massages or Shirodhara which involves pouring warm oil over the third eye and through the hair. Finally, visitors can join daily yoga or meditation classes that take place in Treetop Yoga Shala.

Holistic Healing
Credit: Yaan Wellness

Mayan Facilities

The world-class facilities at Yaan Wellness tune in perfectly with the healing environment and create an out of this world experience.

The healing water circuit includes warm and cool massage pools, a sauna, and a steam room with a marble stone Hamam (Turkish bath). The healing waters are from the natural cenote waters (crystalline springs from the Yucatan’s natural sinkholes). Purified through osmosis and ultraviolet light, the water has magical properties and offers a vital liquid therapy.

Guests can also book moon ceremonies within the traditional Temazcal or Mexican sweat lodge. The ancient Maya and Aztec people used these ceremonies for spiritual transformation and physical healing. Temazcal ceremonies at Yaan last about two and a half hours take place on certain moon calendar dates and are led by an indigenous Mayan healer. Health benefits include a detox, a reset of the nervous system, and deep cleansing for the mind and spirit.

Credit: Yaan Wellness

Sanara Tulum

Sanara is an exclusive luxury eco-boutique hotel located on Tulum beach with a superb wellness spa. Health and wellness are at the core of everything at Sanara and the word actually means β€˜you will heal’ in Spanish.

The luxury retreat is situated on a stunning but popular beach with views out over the vibrant turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Dotted along the coveted white sandy beaches are the luxury suites and villas as well as the Wellness Center and Yoga Studio.

As an eco-boutique hotel, all buildings at Sanara were constructed using sustainably sourced materials. The hotel is also off the town grid and generates its own electricity while making use of rainwater collection systems. Besides this local produced and non-toxic products are used for all purposes making this an appealing choice for environmentally conscious travelers who still want a luxury experience.

Credit: Sanara Tulum

Wellness Center

Sanara Spa and Wellness Center is the true heart of this resort and the team supports all who enter through their personal holistic healing journey. Treatments focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This typically Mayan holistic healing approach will guide guests towards a life of true health, happiness, and longevity.

The Wellness Center forms an integral part of the Sanara experience and is open to all visitors and not just hotel guests. For the ultimate healing experience, the core Cleanse & Heal wellness programs are recommended, which are custom created to suit individual needs. Sanara therapists are trained in alternative and complementary practices that offer guests a variety of specialized treatments.

Some options include traditional Mayan healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, BioMagnetic therapy, BioDecoding, body harmonization, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic Mayan or Ayurvedic massage, and much more.

Holistic Healing
Credit: Sanara Tulum

Spiritual Activities

Besides this, the hotel location provides guests with the perfect setting to explore the potential of their own personal holistic healing journey. All visitors are encouraged to go barefoot as a grounding opportunity. Whereas time spent walking along the beach or playing in the crystal clear water is therapy in itself.

Guests can also participate in daily yoga sessions that range from traditional styles to SUP yoga. The full moon or new moon yoga sessions are also beautifully enlightening and transformational. Finally, alternative activities such as a Sound Healing session or The Mermaid Experience in the mystical Mexican cenotes can be life-changing.

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing Experiences

All three of these incredible resorts are wellness orientated and offer a level of luxury you won’t find at all accommodations in Mexico. This is why they are considered to be some of the best boutique hotels in Tulum.

Are you ready to embrace the ancient Mayan secrets and holistic healing traditions?

Previously published in the November 2018 issue of Rare Magazine.


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  1. All of these spas look amazing! You’re making me want to go back to Tulum. It is so healing there in general. πŸ™‚

  2. So cool. I would so do this. I’ve been to a Turkish Hamam in Istanbul and loved it. I really enjoy experiencing new spa and wellness options. Pinned.

  3. Wow Daniella! These definitely make me want to visit Mexico –
    Such amazing experiences for the body & soul.
    Thank you for this fabulous blog post!

  4. Amazing! I’ve always wanted to explore Tulum. The history intrigues me, and these facilities look not only rejuvenating and beneficial but so luxurious ad gorgeous! makes me miss traveling so much as well!

  5. The cruise ships I worked on docked in Cozumel weekly for the entire winter cruising season. I wish I had more time to investigate the saunas around Tulum. I guess I was too young and more interested in wild adventures than in finding a calm place:)) If I ever make it back to Costa Maya, I’ll plan differently!

  6. What a superb post and photos on Holistic Spas in Mexico. Tulum is one of our favorite travel destinations in Mexico. Will definitely have a closer look at these ever popular wellness resort vacations. We were thinking of returning to India for a wellness vacation, but may look further in to Mexico instead. Have Pinned for future reference! πŸ™‚

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